Game Android Minecraft pocket for PC

Game android minecraft pocket edition is about by constructing architectural wonders by using raw resources and crafting them into readymade materials. Pocket edition is a portable edition available on your iOS and android devices. When the game was first released in 2010, since then the game has widely increased in its popularity. The player has to analyze every random situation which he encounters and has to play accordingly. No doubt, it’s a very entertaining and exciting game.

Game elements of Minecraft Pocket Edition

* The pocket edition has some elements which are different to the traditional mine craft edition.

* You need to get aware of the new objects in this new version. By understanding the link between the available resources and objects, you can effectively play it in the same manner as you play on your Xbox or pcs.

Cutting and crafting of objects

* You can turn wood logs into hard pick ax or you can also make decorative objects as well. You can also transform blocks into stone bricks.

  • The player has to enter his inventory.hit the book shelf button to craft different items. You have to build a crafting table by utilizing the resources.
  • In Minecraft pocket edition, you are provided with handy categories .The objects you have to made is provided on the left and the available materials are present on the right.


How to carry on stone cutting??

  • The stone cutter items let you transform cobblestones into different blocks and bricks. The main crafting menu provides the basics of making bricks, slabs, stairs etc.


How to do smelting??

  • Once the furnace is created, you can use smelting menu to create new objects by melting down certain materials.
  • You have to provide enough fuel to melt down the materials and you can also reuse the leftover fuel.


Downloading Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Mine? craft pocket edition can be purchased from android market and App store. You can also download the free version where you can enjoy the same features just like the full version. However, the full version is mostly more up to date. You can also benefit from the downloadable link online.

Minecraft pocket edition is the mobile version of the full Minecraft game. Though the pocket edition lacks certain survival elements but it is presented in a multiplayer mode. Interactions are usually carried out through mobile screens .The graphics are amazing and better than the traditional version and the blocks are highlighted rather than being outlined. The pocket edition has attracted the player with diversities such as vibrant graphics and animations. The multiplayer feature provides three types of interactions for players. These include Minecraft realm, LAN and user created external services.

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