Game Subway Surfer for PC

Game android subway surfers are an exciting running game experience which is equally popular in both children and adults. The new updated version has improved a lot and offers a whole new bunch of challenges and obstacles to the players. Subway surfer is a free game which can easily be downloaded on your mobile devices from Google play. The game is primarily based on a playful boy who runs from an inspector and passes different hurdles coming in his way so he doesn’t get caught away. The obstacles include subway trains, tunnels, building, bridges and many more.


Best strategies to follow during subway surfer

How to get a best run??

  • In order to win, the player must run hard and fast bypassing all the obstacles .He should b able to evade all the obstacles with less difficulty. Whenever you hit an obstacle or bump into them, your one life line is finished so you should be master in better running.


How to keep in lanes?

  • You are provided with a choice of three lanes so you should be straight forward in choosing them without wasting much of your time. You can be running on the right and then suddenly you have to change your path to left to avoid any obstacle.
  • When you survive in each level, the obstacles gets harder and harder and you need effective strategy to overcome them.

Way of jumping

  • Good jumps can play a big part in winning. The player should master the technique to jump from one train to another without losing life line.


Power ups

  • Super sneaker helps you to run faster and jetpack helps you to fly over the obstacles and earn more points.
  • 2xmultiplier double your score and coin magnet sums up your coins.

Nature of obstacles

  • The generation of obstacles is random and sometimes contains multiple obstacles grouped together. The player should work on understanding the pattern of appearing obstacles.

Hover boards

  • Hover boards save you from crashing and you can purchase them with available coins.
  • Try not to waste hover boards so that you can use it as a defense mechanism in more complex stages.


Complete every mission

  • Every successful completion of mission gives you enticing rewards and these missions are not that difficult to accomplish.

Get free coins

  • The player can get free coins while sharing the game, liking it on social media and watching its video.
  • These coins help you to purchase power ups.
  • The player can cheat by purchasing coin packs which can also be purchased for real money. These coins help you to unlock bonuses and different characters.

Subway Surfer for PC

If you want to use the Subway Surfer on your PC, you will need to download and install the Android emulator on your PC.

  1. Download emulator BlueStacks for Windows 7/8
  2. Once you downloaded it, you need to install it.
  3. Then after installation on your PC BlueStacks, run it.
  4. In the search menu emulator, trying to enter Subway Surfer.
  5. Next, click on the set button.

That’s all.
Of course, you can’t use the search engine in the emulator, and download the AKP. file from the Internet and to open it. If you have already installed BlueStacks, the file will be opened automatically in the emulator.

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